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Big Announcement - I'm Running!

I have officially kicked off my campaign for Mayor of Oak Bay.

Yesterday I sat down with the current Mayor and informed him of my decision. This is not a personal fight, I have a lot of respect for Nils, but I do think Council should be moving in a different direction, so I will be putting a new option to the residents of Oak Bay - a choice for a positive change.

If you wonder "Why Now?," after all, it's 9 months from the election, it's as simple as this: Mayor Jensen announced his campaign on January 2nd and that forced me to make a decision about whether to run - there is significant disadvantage to announcing later. It also simplifies my response to all of you who have been asking me to run - thank you for your support.

I also hope my early leadership announcement will encourage other community members to run for Council. I’ve enjoyed working with the last two Councils, but there will be at least two vacancies this election. For Council to be effective, we need to see strong, independent, and mindful residents step up and be willing to put the community first. I am hoping that by standing for a more effective governance, other highly skilled and accomplished members of our Community may be willing to contribute to Council that otherwise wouldn’t. It is hard work, but is certainly rewarding to build the community.

I am excited about this election and the chance to debate ideas and a vision for our community. I encourage your to reach out to me for more information, or to get involved.

Kevin Murdoch

Mayoral Candidate, Oak Bay


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