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As is, I hope, evident to anyone who has come before Council, my primary concerns are good governance and the advancement of policies from generalizations to concrete plans and actions.  As my campaign moves forward I will be updating this page with detailed policy proposals, but for now I can commit to decisive leadership with a focus on pragmatism, efficiency, and the implementation of community planning.  My financial policies are based on transparency and a long-term (50-75 year) plan, fully costed with a realistic understanding of infrastructure replacement needs.


Good leadership requires good stewardship and constant striving for the best interest of the community.  I like this excerpt from my grandfather's first political speech:  

" ...I make but one promise and that is, that at all times I will support anything which may be in the best interest of the people and the community and will not be swayed by minority groups or vested interests seeking to change the status quo for their own special benefit."

More to come..

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