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Policies: Little Big

There’s more to any community than the large structural, financial, and operational issues. Yes, we need to fix the roads, financials, and other big items, but also we must take every opportunity to make our community more liveable right now.” That's why I created a platform of “Little Big Things.” 

To that end, I’m suggesting a diverse set of ideas as relatively low-cost ways we can make our community better for everyone by encouraging healthy living, operational efficiencies, or other improvements. Small but meaningful. I encourage all our residents to consider our community in this light: how do we keep making Oak Bay better?

Some initial ideas to get the discussion rolling:

  • Changing water fountains to frost-proof units so walkers and cyclists can hydrate year round

  • Adding more curb cuts to provide mobility at corners

  • Converting public garbage cans to include recycling and compost separation

  • Adding amenities at Willows Beach such as watersports and lockers

  • Withholding all tree removal permits until a building permit is issued

  • Improving visibility at corners by trimming hedge overgrowth

  • Upgrading crosswalk lighting, line painting, and notification signals

  • Finding opportunities to naturalize our foreshore areas and celebrate our “naturehood

  • Automating extra floor area in exchange for heritage designation of homes

If you want to continue the discussion, you can email me at or I welcome ideas to be posted to my Facebook page.

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